martes, 30 de marzo de 2010

UAM (gr. 21 & 22): Unit 3

Connected speech

Sentence rhythm
Sentence rhythm practice (listen and repeat)

Weak forms

Weak forms and Better English Pronunciation

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jetstick dijo...

Hi Silvia, I'm Hugo.

A long time ago I was looking for a program that was able to transcribe words in isolation to do my homework on the computer. I found an useful one that I want to share with all. I warn you all that the transcriptions are very orientable and it is always better to check them. Here the link:

If it doesn't work, have a look at this one:

jetstick dijo...
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jetstick dijo...

In addition, now I remember another interesting link where we can see and hear the big amount of existing accents all over Britain. We just have to click on the person-like icon to get in, then in the next window we are offered lots of possibilities like hearing a short recording, seeing the transcripts, notes below about the most important aspects in that geographic variation and so on.
I hope you will like it:

Silvia dijo...

Thanks for sharing:)